Today I will tell a small story in people's lives. Really ,,,, true facts ,,, short storys.. shortstorys

Today I will tell a small story in people's lives.  Really ,,,, true facts ,,,

 How many boys can put their hands on the chest and say, today, his girlfriend has been raped but he agreed to marry his girlfriend?
 .. how many boys are there, can say, can handle this fact.
 Without the intention of men, no woman loses her beauty.  Without the touch of a man, no woman is raped.

 .. such a girl and very few can be found.
 How many girls can put their hands on the chest and say, her boyfriend lost a hand or a leg in a road accident today, agreed to marry her?

 The answers to these two questions, both boy and girl, are almost negative.

   Only when you can answer these two questions do the differences between love and relationship come out.

 If something bad happens to you and you don't have the mentality to fight it, it's not your love, it's just
 Relation only.  Nothing more

 The relation is that you choose one out of ten, considering its acceptance.  .. ..
 And when unfortunately
 His acceptance was diminished and you were lost.
 In love, acceptance and acceptance do not come.
 The boy is still unemployed.  Meanwhile, the marriage of the girl is coming.  The girl is breaking up marriage again and again.  Waking up at night with sore spots on both sides of the eyes, the girl is now a tired bird.
 Love it..1
 Repeatedly turned down offers of beautiful girls
 The boy finds happiness in his black beloved lover.  Love it ...  Husband has been jailed for five years.  Knowing that she will not allow him to meet every day, the wife sits at the prison gate from morning.  Love it ..
 The face of the wife of the acid terror victim is not recognized.
 Then to her husband, the girl is a fairytale princess.  That's love ..
 After all, getting involved in a relationship is a lot cheaper and easier.  Relationships today, giving relationship status, turning around, giving romantic captions by uploading linked pictures, speaking words of love u can all ...
 Everyone.  But not everyone can love.
 Where there is love, there is one with yourself
 honest committment
 There is
 - And that's it.
 "Whatever it is, fight the man at least to see the end.

 So, brother and sister, tell no one to play with love, many houses can be destroyed for false love.
 So far the story today.
                                        Short storys

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