Chhattisgarh 17 mothers went missing |

On this side of Chhattisgarh, 17 mothers went missing

The whole country is busy with curfew,
All sounds busy with the sound of the conch.

And on this side of Chhattisgarh, 17 mothers went missing.

The crowd stopped at the curfew.
The people of India all over the world are running out of time in horror.

The crowd is celebrating the curfew.

The doctor nurse is serving the police administration and
Corona continues to work hard to eliminate the terror,

Every man in the country has been condemned, every man is spending time in terror.

The Prime Minister of the country is constantly going to serve the people,
He is also the chief minister of the state, who has always gone insane for the service of the people,
He is also now working for the well-being of every citizen.

Do this for the first time in India while going through the situation,
When every man spends every moment in panic,
When every people in the country are not busy to free.

Every man in the country was spending time in his house,
This opportunity is called Maoist in some countries,
Martyrs of our countrymen from the ground of our country,

There have been several major Maoist attacks in Chhattisgarh before,
The events of the past Maoist attacks are no exception.
The martyrdom of 17 freshmen died.

17 mothers have empty stomachs,
How is the family status of their home now?
Only relatives of that family know the verdict.

I deeply respect these 17 jawans,
Joy Hind Bandemataram,
Everyone is healthy, be aware.

Fight unitedly against the enemy of the country,
Do not do it or be a Maoist or extremist.

Forgive me for saying something wrong

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