Poor love story . real love story

The love of the poor
 A little trouble, but everyone will read the whole

  ■ Same with a son in a poor family
 A poor girl is married in the village!
 That boy is like 20 years old, and
 The girl is 5 years old!
 After that marriage, the boy said to the girl,
 Do you have any wish
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 The girl said, I have a great desire to be an engineer
 There was!

 Then the boy took the girl to Kolkata
 Come on  The girl was admitted to university

 Doing and studying.
 The boy is 8am
 From 9am to 8pm.
 The girl's education costs and her family's expenses.
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 হওয়ার After a long time, none of them
 Husband wife does not have physical relations!
 Who is the boy who asked the girl's friend?
 The girl answers, she is my brother!

 That boy runs a rickshaw sometimes
 Worked, sometimes worked in brick kilns, again
 Sometimes the coolie works

 Money for not thinking of yourself
 The girl is an engineer
 For the making!
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 পরীক্ষা Suddenly the test came out!  The girl's also
 The boy has no sleep in his eyes.  The boy
 They work 24 hours a day, night and day.  The rest 3
 All the work of the world, from cooking to cooking
 Working then takes a little nap.  Thus the experiment of the girl is over
 That's it!

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 ছেলে Then the boy gets a little work done.  Examination
 The result passed the girl!

 He got a job in a good place, he owns a lot of money
 That's it.  Big houses, cars and more
 The girl
 From different places
 Offers marriage to the girl.
 Don't know if she is married or her husband
 Who is
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 The girl lights up the big house, the big party
 But no one knows what this party is for
 Everyone has the same question about what party.  Everyone
 The girl asked the party what the party was
 Say for
 The girl said it was 12 o'clock
 What party will say in front!
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 The boy is a lunge towel and the boy is a robe
 Standing in one corner of the house!
 It was 12 o'clock, then the girl
 Hold the boy's hand where the cake is
 Brought it there!
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 He came and told everyone:
 Good men and women, do you know anyone?
 Whose head is on the gum,
 Don't eat yourself
 Took me an education.  Her
 All the joys of life are sacrificed for me.
 This is my husband who is still married

  We have not had physical relationships!  To him

 Dressed in
 So that you know him
 This house, car, money, a piece of his car
 Do not even sweat!
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 I'm his wife,
 1 of everything I have
 Even though I lost my husband, I left
 I will not go anywhere.

 This is the husband's wife

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